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Click on the portraits thumbnails image to download the zip pack.
Arcanum portraits are difficult to use, so to make it simple for you I put everything you need in the zip pack.

Directions to use the pack:

  • UnZip pack into the in the Data directory in Arcanum.
    • Example for Arcanum:
    • Example for Arcanum Demo:
      C:\Sierra\Arcanum Preview\data\
  • Note: These will only be available during character creation. So starting a new game is required at this point in time, if I find out how to change them after you've started a game I will put the instructions up.

If you don't have an UnZip program you can get one at:

Visit the official Arcanum site:

Any questions or comments email:

July 5th, 2001, First Pack ready for download, more to come in the future.

July 6th, 2001, Added Large pics to the pack.

July 8th, 2001, found out doesn't accept files larger than 1mb, so I moved the file to another site, but you can still get the zip by clicking on thumbnails image

July 11th, 2001, added 50 more pics to the pack for a total of 150 portraits.

July 11th, 2001, added a cheats section explaining how to use a trainer program to edit your gold and character points.

July 13th, 2001, My site got mentioned at Troika! Wow, this is really cool, thank you Troika! Troika Games


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